Crysis 2 and the Nintendo 3DS

The first real posts of this blog are going to be about Crysis 2 (on the PC, of course!) and the Nintendo 3DS. Look for the Crysis 2 post on Tuesday, a preliminary 3DS post on Thursday, and a more comprehensive 3DS post next weekend. After next week there may be some reviews going up of recent but not brand-new games (Dead Space 2, perhaps); I don’t buy every game that comes out, so I will review some older games to fill in the gaps. For now, here are some opening thoughts on Crysis 2 and the 3DS!

Crysis 2

The sequel to the computer-owning Crysis of 2007, Crysis 2 deviates from many of the core traits that made the original so memorable. Gone are the advanced graphics options, the lush, open jungles, and many of the endless ways of approaching a given situation. Crysis 2 streamlines the experience, tossing the main character Alcatraz into the spacious yet still confined streets of New York City.

Crysis 2’s experience is diminished on the PC by annoying bugs, a console-friendly checkpoint system, and missions that often feel reminiscent of many recent shooters. Despite these flaws, Crysis 2 was quite enjoyable and graphically impressive, if not as ground-breaking as the original. Like the original, however, the game felt far too short. Steam had 9 hours in-game on the clock by the time it was complete. The in-game campaign statistics page, however, had a very different take at 7 hours 1 minute 9 seconds; that is roughly the same playtime as the original.

Crysis 2 Playtime

This is far too short for an awesome game.

Stay tuned for the full review!

Nintendo 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS was launched in the US just this morning, and already reviews are popping up across the internet. The review you find here will not have comprehensive battery life or load time figures, but you will find a concise set of commentary on what sets the 3DS apart from its predecessors.

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