Hello, Gaming World

My name is Brandon, and I am, like yourself, a gamer. I primarily game on the PC, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS; reviews and commentary on games for these systems will be the main content of this site. Video gaming is, for me, strictly a hobby; I am neither paid to proide video game reviews nor granted any special priveleges for doing so. It also means that I do not have advance access to games; my reviews won’t be out the day a game comes out. I am writing these reviews because I am passionate about gaming and frequently dissent in my opinions from the popular critics.

One thing to note: my preferred gaming system is, when possible, the PC. If a cross-platform game is released, I will likely purchase it for the PC. This means that you might receive a different perspective than a site that will review everything, when possible, on a console. My gripes will sometimes be PC-specific, and don’t be surprised to see me criticize a PC game for feeling too “console-ish.” I will try, however, to note when this is the case; if it doesn’t apply to you, or you are interested in the console version of the game, feel free to disregard these complaints.

One thing you will find about my reviews is that they are much more qualitative than quantitative. I don’t care as much about providing a generic score for a game (such as an 8/10); I would rather provide specific commentary on what was good and bad about a game than reduce everything to a score. I will attempt to place a score on games in case you don’t have time to read a full review, but the score should not be the main takeaway of my articles.

I expect to have some reviews up in the next week. You can look forward, to start, with reviews of Crysis 2 (PC), the Razer Onza Xbox 360 controller, and the Nintendo 3DS. If you like my blog, or would like to be informed of updates, you can follow @skourg3 on Twitter.

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